The Art of Daydreaming
by Darryl Dapper

VisualizationfishVisualization is one of the most powerful tools at a magician’s disposal. An imaginative mind colours a grey world and throws dirt in its face to rid it of its suffocating sterility. The right idea creatively executed has the potential to alter the whole course of history for us all. That spark, with the potential to ignite a universal change, sits active in the core of every human brain. We all have the power to change the world and to affect the flow of our own destinies.

Truly great and amazing things happen when the intentions of a mindful brain are collected and creatively focused. When ambition that’s fuelled by the power of belief and distilled by discipline is cast out in a passionate fervour, the universe takes notice and responds accordingly. By surely recognising what you need and then developing the force of will to acquire it, and by directing it through the playful nature and boundless possibilities of your dreams, you see the opportunities of your life begin to naturally bend to that will. Magickally or otherwise.
I love using my imagination. As a meditative technique and as a ritual tool. It’s effectively usurped the direction of just about all my magickal focus. I have a terrible memory and lose my concentration easily if I’m overloaded, so I don’t perform structured ritual much, or even generally speak magical words or chant. So my magickal method (where energy is involved) gradually shifted overtime into what can be called a very fastidious improvisation: like fixing a watch under a magnifying lens or throwing eyeballed ingredients into a pot of gumbo as it’s cooking.
I use visualisation so heavily, in fact, that these days it’s become a technique in its own right to achieving an altered state in me. I wrap everything I do in daydream. The world I enter when I practice my craft is a bright and joyful one full of colorful abstraction, absent of the rules and stigma of the flesh world. It’s a place where I can be truly free. And in that freedom, my will is all that matters.
And as I will it, so it is.
Magick is the use of a conscious force of will to affect desired change, though the same can be said for any effort made by those who endeavour for something greater. There is a much richer layer of will which operates under the surface of every intent you cast, and it’s effectiveness is determined by your ability to see it happen and make it happen. Your ability to visualise the change you need and to meet the necessary requirements to achieve it makes all the difference.
The gears which turn inside your magickal clock hold the key to unlocking your most effective and beautiful witchcraft. Witchcraft that is the physical manifestation of the amazing gift of consciousness. When you can open your awareness to such a point that you’re able to lead your sight beyond the hands and numbers and the surface of the glass, and wade deeper into the actual system which allows it all to function in the first place, then the restrictions of flesh will no longer apply to you. You will no longer just be casting spells. You will be on a path to creating art. With your own hands, weaving threads of wondrous beauty into the fabric of life. And with your brain, sowing a signature statement over the surface of reality that will last forever. And more importantly, you’ll throw the door of your mind open to your own potential and recognise just how truly unique, incredible, and beautiful you really are, and it may simply bring you joy.
All of the tools you need are already inside you. They were with you before you were born. If you refuse to allow your imagination and ability to dream to be stifled – either by self-judgement or the binding and pressuring nature of social propriety – then you’ll find that they’ll lead you by the hand to your own inner strength, and remind you of the incredible power that you possess to change your life and the lives of others for the better. And also to the deeper realisation of how wonderful that life and the individual living it is.
In the end, that’s all that matters. It’s your life and your story, and I’m just a character in it. But if I can be a helpful character to you, I would love to do my best to be. And we should all strive for such an honour.
How much more wonderful would the world be if we all thought the best of each other, and lived with the genuine intention to make the act of living a better experience for all? To visualise and see the world and its people in a more reasonable and compassionate light, and to make the effort to integrate that mindful sight into our daily routines?
The understanding that your life could be happier and that I could be a real part of the change which brings that happiness to you fills me with a supreme sense of satisfaction. It compels me to do good works and to love intensely and to empathise. And If my actions toward you inspire you to imagine the same kind of reality that I do, and incite you to act in the same manner toward either myself or someone else, then the ripples of the stone of intent I cast out into the pond of your perception have already fanned out further than I could’ve ever possibly hoped or dreamed. It would validate my compassionate thoughts and unconditional love. My ability to dream in the first place and to think positively would be strengthened, which will only make my next effort better and more effective. It’s a cycle with no downside that collectively stretches our hands up toward the heavens and reaches for a place beyond it.
The ability to live a dream rests entirely on the wilful intent to manifest it. But, first, before you can live a dream, you need to have one.
Darryl Dapper | April 24, 2015 at 9:12 am