Your last chance to get into this class that begins this Saturday afternoon in North London

Following the MBSR programme it will introduce mindful meditation taking baby-steps to begin your journey. A guide can be seen on the website:  http://bmindful.co.uk/how-is-the-course-structured/

To simply learn a little more about mindfulness itself go to the website and view: http://bmindful.co.uk/what-is-mindfulness/.   The BBC Breakfast programme is a good one to view under the ‘Resource’ heading: http://bmindful.co.uk/mindfulness-news-web/.

If you have not already done so you can also sign-up free to the weekly newsletter that we post regularly online, which contains interesting articles about the science of meditation, chronic pain, stress, mindfulness in every day life, nutrition and lifestyle: http://bmindful.co.uk/contact/

For information about how to signup email: info@bmindful.co.uk